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Ballistic Protection

Ballistic Glazing

Ballistic protection level ratings are based on the number of rounds and the size of the weapon(s) posing a threat from small caliber handguns to high caliber rifles. High caliber, high velocity weapons fire projectiles that deliver a large amount of energy to a door, window or wall system. To be effective, the total system of anchor, frame, door material and glazing material must absorb the energy from the projectile. The framing system must also be capable of stopping the potential threat and retain the glazing system during attack. Installing bullet resistant glazing in a non-certified frame will not ensure the desired level of protection. Any ballistic glazing certified to meet a ballistic standard, must be retained in a certified framing system. Sunshields Bullet Proofing designs the total system of components to achieve the specified level of protection.

4 impacts from a 7.62 mm x 39 mm rifle.
        No penetration from the 4 outer bullet impacts.
                      Center hole is the entrance hole from the return fire shot.

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