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Israeli Hospitals Project

Safety & Security films

All Israeli hospitals will 
 install Security Films
 for blast  protection

      Hadassah Medical Center  one of the worlds most advanced hospitals

 "Sunshield Ltd" is leading an unprecedented project to install over one million square feet of safety and security films on all the windows and glazing in all major hospitals throughout Israel.

Since February the company's installation crews have been installing security and solar combined security films in major Israeli Hospitals.

This strategic project planned by the Ministry Of Defense and the Home Front Command and executed by The Ministry of Health will be finalized within the next months, the implementation of the security films will allow the Hospitals to better prepare for emergency scenario's such as ballistic missile attacks launched on Israel's densely populated cities, leaving hospital windows protected and occupants safe from blast and flying glass hazards.

The project will include protecting 28 hospitals among them the major hospitals in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv : Ichilov, Assaf Harofe, Haddasah Ein Kerem, Hadasah-Mt.Scopious, Shaarei Tzedek etc'.

Sunshield's security films are made of clear or tinted polyester layers designed to upgrade existing windows and prevent shards of flying glass from injuring people inside buildings in different blast or accidents scenarios.

Sunshield is Israel's distributor for Llumar (Solutia)-The world's largest manufacturer of window film coatings

In some of the hospitals Sunshield will install a hybrid combination of solar-security film designed to save energy by rejecting up to 80% of the sun's heat and glare, blocking 99% of UV rays, while leaving the view untouched. "It's a smart decision to use the hybrid solar-security films in these large hospitals , they will bring a fast return on investment estimated in  less
than 2.5 years" says Uriel Nathan, Owner and CEO of Sunshield Ltd, "this is not our first project installing security films for hospitals, in The second Lebanon war and in Operation "Cast Lead" we found ourselves working around the clock protecting hospitals in Northern and Southern Israel with Missiles falling around us, in these tense times of uncertainty the importance of this project taking place before the next military tension is of great strategic and psychological

Sunshield teams planing work

Installing 8mil safety solar hybrid film

Some of the hospital buildings are historical

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