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International Projects

Some of our recent  international projects include :

Client :Sheraton Addis
System :8mil solar/security film
Square meters: 2000

Client :Hilton Addis
System :8mil solar/security film
Square meters: 500

Client :UN complex in Ethiopia
System :8mil solar/security film
Square meters: 21,000



 Client :Synagogue in Austria
System :8mil solar/security film
Square meters: 150

  Client :Embassy
System :Classified
Square meters: 90

 Client :Private customer, Greece
System :12mil solar/security film



Recently,  Sunshield Ltd has peeled over 20,000 square meters of old solar film, supplied and installed over 41,000 square meters of security film for international organizations and private customers in Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria and other countries in Africa.

These comlpicated projects
consisted of installing SRF to the interior surface of each designated window.
The work was done to protect the occupants of the building from flying glass shards in the event of an explosion or other event that would shatter the glass.

By the end of three months  21,000  square meters were proffessionaly installed by the
Sunshield Ltd international team 

Bellow :this building containes over 5000 square meters of windows now installed
with 8 mil silver security film, installation complete within 3 week's time.

Bellow:Installation of 8 mil Silver security film

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